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"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

At your Venue: Workshops and Individual Sessions


The Art of Feeling Good


Over more than 14 years, I have helped thousands of clients with their “well-being” and “feel good” through a combination of individual sessions, workshops and retreats, plus many millions have watched my work on BBC1, ITV and international TV. You may have seen my long term contributions to Natural Health Magazine too (I wrote for them over a four year period.)  

As a facilitator of “well-being” and “feel good”, I am unusual in that I have a broad repertoire of offerings and a wide range of skills in transformational coaching and coaching supervision, leading meditations, teaching dance meditation, and in energy work. My full credentials are below.

I have designed a series of workshops specifically for retreats and a sample menu is below. I can offer one off workshops or a programme of workshops. The choice is yours. I can also provide individual sessions at retreats too. (You may like to read one of my case studies which shows how I helped a chronically sick client with pneumonia, bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma and post viral syndrome become and stay well, after she had consulted numerous mainstream doctors and other alternative practitioners without success. For details of that see "Case Study" above).


The Art of Feeling Good (Workshop Programme)

Having worked with hundreds of coaching clients over the last 14 years to achieve their versions of “work that they love”, “discovering their purpose”, “loving relationships”, “the money they want”, “vibrant health and energy”   and “time to play”; I have learnt that underneath these external measures of happiness and success, are the desire, need and the search for sustained “inner feel good” experiences. These include the inner experiences of love, connection, inner peace, inspiration, happiness, joy, fun, passion, ease, flow, self- belief, inner-confidence, empowerment, grounded-ness, intuition, safety, healing, manifestation, balance, and/or being conscious (and the list can go on).

The Law of Attraction tells us that raising our vibration (and feeling good), is key to manifesting the results we want in our lives. When we feel good, our need for the external measures of  “success” are reduced which paradoxically makes it so much easier to achieve our goals and the outcomes we desire.

At The Art of Feeling Good, I will help you create your personal blue print for ”inner feel good”, clear your personal blocks and help you manifest life-changing results using a variety of Transformational processes, guided and moving meditations, and energy work.  You can choose the inner experience, experiences or feelings you want more of in your life and I will help you realise those. If now’s the time to achieve your internal and external measures of  “feel good and success”, this session may be the perfect opportunity to do so.


The Art of Feeling Good (Biodanza Dance Meditation)

 In this “world beyond words”,  you will connect with the experience of  dance and moving meditation that will leave you feeling inspired, joyful and open to the power of love.

Scientific evidence has proven that this system of Dance Meditation increases wellness, vitality and generates “feel good”.

You are invited to dance to the sounds of uplifting music from around the world: tribal drums, latin rhythms, modern and trad jazz, classic rock and reggae and you’ll be invited to move to soothing classical and meditative chants and sounds . There is much freedom to express yourself and there are no steps to learn.

We interweave dancing alone, with dancing with partners and dancing as a group. Everything is optional.

The system is proven to bring you multiple benefits:

  • Greater confidence and self-expression
  • More fun, enjoyment, pleasure and bliss and a greater feeling of being alive
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Numerous additional positive benefits to your health (see research at University of Leipzig)
  • Appreciation of the connection to your emotions leading to safely “opening the heart” supporting a deeper connection in relationships
  • The melting of judgement facilitating easier acceptance of self and others
  • Connection with the best of yourself
  • The ability to expand your comfort zone so more is possible

The effects are transformational. After attending only a few sessions, participants have reported significant changes for the better in their lives.  The ongoing effect is cumulative. The more you attend, the better the results.

Many report it’s as if their brains have been reset for the better. They experience more inner peace, more joy, more love and all manner of “feel good” as well as a deeper spiritual connection which feeds the inner “feel good” cycle. The more you feel good, and raise your vibration, the easier it is to attract your desires into your life. 


Visioning Programme

Over more than 14 years I have been coaching, I have found visioning to be one of the most powerful processes available to facilitate outcomes.

I offer a programme to manifest your vision either as a full day session or as a series of shorter sessions offered over a number of days: We write short stories of the futures we desire, clear our blocks with guided meditations, create a visual representation of our visions (using collages and paint) and use dance and movement to express the chosen emotions we wish to manifest. We also include some other innovative creative processes as part of the process.


Develop Your Psychic and Intuitive Skills and Connect With Your Higher Guidance

Everyone has a natural level of psychic ability. Practicing helps us to receive information and guidance which we can use to make life enhancing choices and decisions for ourselves and we have the opportunity to pass the guidance we receive onto others. It’s fun too. Whether you consider yourself psychic or you are at an early stage of uncovering your psychic and intuitive abilities, this workshop will give you the opportunity to develop your skills further.
Each session, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of practices/exercises to open and deepen your connection to your higher self, source, your chosen metaphysical beings, angels, guides and indeed many spiritual beings. Our practices will include guided meditations, and use other methods such visualizations, dialoguing with your higher self, using non dominant hand writing, giving readings to other members of the group and receiving them too. We work with many creative processes including psychic artwork.
Deepening your relationship with the metaphysical realm (in whatever form is right for you) brings you guidance, more synchronicity,  inner peace, and enhanced happiness and well being.


All You Need is Love

So said the Beatles in the 60’s and much scientific research over the years has borne this out. Love is not just a "nice to have", it is intrinsic to our very survival. For example, a number of studies compared the survival rate of groups of baby orphans: The first group receiving healthy food, hugs and love thrived, whereas the mortality rate amongst the second group who received the same healthy food but no hugs or love was huge. The human need for love spans our entire life time. Its presence significantly enhances our health, relationships, and our ability to create ease and flow across all areas of our lives. Its lack impacts on us in all life areas. Love is food and medicine for the soul. If you would like to experience more love, I will be offering tools and practices to open your heart, clear your blocks to love and so deepen your connection to guidance, ease and flow. This is a powerful life-changing session or series of sessions for you.

About me:


I am a Change Agent working “Mind, Body, and Spirit”.  My work encompasses coaching, leading workshops, leading meditations, teaching dance meditation, and offering energy work.  I am fortunate to have had many “claims to fame”. For example:  

  • I have coached on relationships in front of 1.5 million people on ITV's most popular day time programme, (The Trisha Show, ITV’s answer to Oprah) and have also appeared on ITV2.
  • I also wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach over a four year period, contributing a page addressing readers' life challenges every month.
  • I have pioneered the use of self-healing coaching to help people reduce or overcome the symptoms of long-standing or so-called incurable conditions.
  • I appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea teaching Dance Meditation as part of a documentary on dance as therapy, alongside facilitators from all over the world. I have also taught a session for BBC1 Inside Out series where I showed 3.6 million viewers how Londoner’s can have fun without alcohol.
  • I have also developed a new treatment process which combines  coaching and healing therapies. Named Chikara (meaning “powerful” in Japanese) the process has been described as beautiful, powerful and unique by one of the UK’s Reiki Masters
  • In 2011, I  became a published author (through the Coaches Story)


Having worked with hundreds of clients over the last 14 years, I have learnt a thing or two about what people want, what they need and what works.  I blend my combination of skills to bring my clients experiences that are empowering, fun and life changing. You can find out more about me at;; and coaching supervision at




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