The Inner Spa

"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

Who is it suited to?

The Inner Spa is for coaches, therapists, health care practitioners, personal trainers, forward thinking business leaders, as well as for anyone attracted to The Inner Spa method of creating and sustaining inner well-being.

If you like the sound of The Inner Spa, then it is probably for you too.

If you recognise yourself in any of the below, and you notice that some of these behaviours don’t serve you, the Inner Spa may also be for you:

  • You feel stressed
  • You feel “driven”/you drive yourself hard
  • You feel upset, angry or worried more often than you would like
  • You notice you moan and groan about “things”
  • You have a natural inclination to criticise
  • You lack clarity/you seek meaning and purpose in life
  • You don’t always believe in yourself
  • You don’t feel confident inside, although you may appear to others as confident
  • You are dealing with redundancy or divorce
  • You feel de-motivated
  • You are lacking self-belief
  • You can be hard on yourself/beat yourself up
  • You drink/smoke more than you want to
  • You put other people before you/you’re a people pleaser/you neglect yourself
  • You are not particularly happy at work/in a relationship/in another area of your life
  • You are unwell or recovering from illness

The Inner Spa is also for organisations who value the well-being of their employees, and recognise some of their employees behaviours in the list above. If you are responsible for well-being in your organisation, tailor-made programmes can be created to meet your organisation's individual needs.


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