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"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

About Us

What's Dance into Bliss?

If you aren’t familiar with Dance into Bliss, it is a powerful body-based coaching and personal development system that draws from dance, movement, complementary therapy, and moving meditation, and uses heart-opening music to provide a nurturing environment that promotes both physical and emotional healing and personal transformation. There are no steps to learn, so it is ideal for participants who want to benefit from dance, and believe “they can’t dance”, as well as those who can and are looking for something more.

It's where dance meets personal development. Unhappiness, stress and dissatisfaction comes from our thinking minds, and our brains are naturally wired to focus on "what's wrong"! We use a series of exercises which are uplifting, energising or relaxing, and in sequence take participants away from their thinking minds and into experiences of fun, pleasure and bliss, and so facilitate sustained well-being and positive change.

Originating in South America, where it was developed by Rolando Toro, a medical doctor, anthropologist, and nobel peace prize nominee, it is now available in more than 80 countries (including South Africa, North America, Japan and many parts of Europe) and it has been adapted by Karen Skehel under the Dance into Bliss brand.

Each session focuses on a particular theme and facilitates powerful outcomes: These are examples of some of my most recent sessions offered at either Dance into Bliss events or for private groups.

  • Creating a Year that flows
  • The Joy of Celebration
  • Anything is possible when you dream
  • Harnessing the forces of the Law of Attraction
  • Powerful beyond Measure (inspired by Marianne Williamson's quote)
  • Celebrate the arrival of spring, and Mother's Day and say yes to life!
  • The Alternative Royal Wedding
  • Boundless Love
  • All you need is love (inspired by The Beatles)

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YouTube Video

We are on TV in South Korea and on BBC1!

We are approched by Korean Broadcasting Services (KBS) who are the equivalent of our BBC to lead a session as part of an international TV documentary on dance as therapy. The programme was an hour long and was seen by several million people in South Korea (which has the same size population as the UK). We were seen alongside Tango, Zumba and other dance forms and alongside dance therapy facilitators in the US, the UK and South Korea.

Whilst there are several hundred exercises in our repertoire, the documentary makers choose to show four exercises chosen from the 14 we offered during this session. The first could be said to draw from free expression dance, the second from ceroc, the third from high vitality circle dancing, and the fourth from Indian Head massage.

YouTube Video

3.6 million BBC1 viewers discover how Dance into Bliss is one solution to having fun without drinking alcohol (shown as part of the Inside Out series on January 9th 2012)

Participants at our events and those we are connected to by email, have so far enjoyed free sessions, free lunch, TV appearances and/or free coaching sessions, as well as special priced invitations to our events. If you would like the opportunity to take advantage of special offers of this kind and more, click here and fill in your details