The Inner Spa

"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

What happens at an Inner Spa workshop?

We introduce the theme of “today’s” session chosen from the 35 different themes on offer and set the scene for inner nourishment and well being.

In phase one, using a process of insight facilitated discussion, exploration and coaching, we start to create our own individual blue prints for success in inner well-being. This phase enables each us to start to experience more love, connection, happiness, calm, or whatever qualities are linked with the theme of the day, both in the session and throughout our daily lives. The invitation is there to take away a personalised recipe to incorporate more of these qualities into our lives.

In the second phase, using heart-opening music, and drawing from dance, complementary therapy, and moving meditation, we release our thinking minds, connect with our feelings and so facilitate healing and transformation.

In the third phase, we move onto guided meditation to deepen the experience of the theme and to contact our "higher guidance".

As part of the completion phase, we use different gratitude practises, which are regularly highlighted as one of the most uplifting and transformational pieces in The Inner Spa.

There is the opportunity for learnings to be captured in a journal and for those who wish to work with a “programme buddy” to practise exercises in between workshops if they so wish.

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