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"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

Past Events 2011

London’s Alternative Festival in association with Dance into Bliss brings you inspiring themed events with exciting and fun workshops, delicious lunch and novel networking.

We use iconic venues which host eclectic parties in the heart of London’s West End and our participants come away uplifted, inspired, enlightened, renewed and connected with like-minded people.

We include a flow of inspiring workshops, AND lunch and our prices are very low if you book early


We are now offering Mini themed festivals on alternative Tuesday evenings at central London locations: Click here for more info, and click here to book. Click here and fill in your details to get the latest updates.

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Each event is a powerful cocktail of exciting, life-enhancing workshops which may include coaching, dance, drama, complementary therapy, t’ai chi, moving meditation and laughter and more. We bring together the collective facilitation talents of some of the UK's most inspiring workshop leaders to leave you feeling happier, more confident, more empowered and more loving, and able to bring the best of yourself into all situations.

An inspiring, facilitated “networking, connecting and dilemma solving session” complements the day. You'll have the opportunity to share a challenge or dilemma (professional or personal) and get an abundance of solutions from other bright, inspiring, like-minded people.

The combination is designed to offer a stimulating fusion of fun and personal development combined with enlightening “networking, connection and dilemma solving” to bring you an uplifting and potentially life-changing experience, that is a little different from the norm.

The focus of our events is on community building and connection, mixed in with personal development and fun!

Our intention is that you go away from each of our events, not only having had fun, made new connections and feeling inspired, but also you enter the next phase of your life with a deeper and more sustained sense of confidence, happiness, and “belief in self” from which anything is possible for you both professionally, and personally.

Feedback from our Alternative Royal Wedding Event

The leaders who ran this event were fabulous, highly professional and caring individuals. They created a very safe and warm environment to explore and I would highly recommend anyone who wishes to have a learning, exploring and fun experience to open their heart and come to one of these events. Lesley Stopford,

Karen Skehel organised this event in such a fruitful way enabling us to experience networking, learning, & self development. Through Biodanza we had the chance to combine all the above without using words. Thank you so much! Vanessa Milan, Roy Martina Experience UK.

I loved the opportunity to learn from different experts and interact with a lot of wonderful people. I particularly loved the Biodanza session, which I found exhilarating and empowering. Stella Maher,

A great workshop with a great mix of speakers and styles of workshops. The best thing? – the amazing people on the workshop sharing the day. Congratulations to Karen for attracting such fabulous people. Jo Orgill. Coach for Clarity.

Lovely people – well organised and interesting. A very enjoyable day, would recommend it.

Fab day!

Another superb event organised by Karen. It is good to do different personal development workshops but I do come mainly for the Biodanza.

Found the whole day very enjoyable and surprised how quickly and how deeply a whole bunch of strangers connected.

I particularly enjoyed the connectiveness of Biodanza and the openness it generated.

I enjoyed the whole day and could do it all over again.

Really enjoyed the whole day as the workshops were focusing on where I am at the moment. I feel that this format of having different speakers/activities around a set theme works well.

Really love this type of event as it makes a change from the standard weekly Biodanza class format that doesn’t always work. Have been inspired to plan my own Biodanza event in the near future.

Words do not express the joy of this magical day. Thank you so much

Words do not express the joy of this magical day. Thank you so much

A very enjoyable and moving day. Reaches parts which should be touched more often.

The Biodanza session opened my heart and allowed a deeper connection to my friend who I came with. Karen is a natural Biodanza teacher and facilitator; it was beautiful and inspiring to watch her guide the group through the session. She was born to do this work.

It was extraordinary how, in such a short space of time, the Biodanza group felt connected, intimate and ultimately joyful. Karen has a special gift in being able to move her group through such an uplifting process.

I am looking forward to the next time I can do Biodanza with Karen, as it is always a pleasure! Alison Bloom

Feedback from our Powerful beyond Measure Event

  • I really benefitted from the dancing as I am very shy.
  • This was a wonderful, open and welcoming event. A non- judgemental atmosphere that really allowed to free the inner child. Delicious. GREAT DAY. Lunch was lovely.
  • It was a really, fun playful day. I enjoyed the coaching session.
  • I loved the choice of events – each one resulted in a good personal effect. I actually laughed for real in the event. The dilemma was very relevant to an issue that is now resolved. The drama and dance were freeing. The Grace Bar staff were lovely and the journey to the venue was very easy.
  • Loved the mixture of events and chance to talk and share in dilemma solving session. The theme was inspiring. Venue location was great.
  • Liked everything! Uplifting, supportive, intensive. Loved Biodanza!
  • An amazing, spiritual and uplifting day. My inner light is really shining. More of the same!
  • A wonderful, uplifting event which for me had just the right format. Thank you! It amazes me that a room full of strangers can have so much fun together. Long may it continue.

Feedback from our All you need is Love event

Feedback from our All you need is Love event

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Here is what Elaine Gleeson, Personal Success & Vision Board Coach of said:

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Maria Gatinho speaks of her experience at our All you need is Love event here.....

These events are a fabulous idea, really well run and very enjoyable. I’m really glad I cam and thoroughly enjoyed doing a workshop. Would love to do more. Priya Tourkow

Click on here to find out more about our Alternative Royal Wedding Event

Click on here to find out about our Powerful Beyond Measure Event

Participants at our events and those we are connected to by email, have so far had the opportunity to enjoy free Biodanza sessions, free lunch, TV appearances and/or free coaching sessions, as well as special priced invitations to our events. If you would like the opportunity to take advantage of special offers of this kind and more, click here and fill in your details.