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"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

Exciting workshops - All you need is love

Here is a flavour of the exciting workshops on offer and the "Networking, Connecting and Dilemma-Solving" Session

Working from the heart
When we open our heart to those in our lives, not only do our “easy” relationships become even more joyful but also our more difficult relationships, whether at work or in our personal lives are totally transformed.

In this workshop, using a range of innovative processes, you will have an opportunity to practise opening your heart, and connecting with others on a deeper level from this open-heartedness. As you open your heart, you will find your judgements of the other and also of yourself, simply melt away. This clears the space to reveal you at your best and for those around you to reap the benefits as you become more fully present to both the other and to yourself.

"When souls really touch it is forever. Then space and time disappear, and all that remains is the consciousness that we are not alone in life." Joan Chittister.

About Diane Kutz:
Diane draws on nearly 20 years experience in people development. Her style is at once both challenging and fun. Always practical, she bridges light and dark with a confidence borne of strong intuition, an adventurous spirit and deep Universal knowledge. Diane’s approach enables her to work at the deepest levels of meaning and understanding. This empowers those with whom she works and assists them in getting to the core of who they really are, and what they offer to the world.

Diane follows a shamanic spiritual path and now understands that the gift of working with spirits and spirit guides has been with her all her life. Her passions include, people, dance and healing. This is reflected in her eclectic and practical style which includes; creative visualisation, poetry, movement, music, crystals, tuning fork therapy, NLP, kinesiology and much, much more…

  • Improvise your love life - Getting to love using and learning from comedy improvisation
  • Experience the joy of being totally in the moment
  • Learning to laugh at getting it wrong and moving on
  • Letting go of your agenda
  • Loving the freedom to express yourself

Improvisation is an attitude, a way of behaving that allows one person, or a group of people, to innovate and create instantly by using their own sense of trust, truth, acceptance and creativity. This "pure improvisation" happens when the group connects and ideas and actions flow freely without judgment. Anyone can improvise if they allow themselves to play, have fun, and if they are open to loving themselves, the others and the process. Improvisation IS NOT about being the smartest, being the funniest or being right, and gives us permission to let go of our “need” to be any of those things and simply to be. It is about accessing the creativity that already exists within all of us.

About Andrew Risner
Andrew Risner is a leading trainer, facilitator and coach who utilises comedy improvisation and magic skills to quantum leap peoples confidence, creativity and sense of fun. He spent several years as a stand up comedian and improviser and brings a wealth of fun and insight to his workshops.

In 1998 he formed Empowerment at Work, producing esteem, motivational and communication programmes for business executives and their companies.

He has also spent many years leading sessions at holistic retreats in Skyros, Greece,The Hill that Breathes in Italy and Cortijo Romero in Spain

How love can help you learn and change
Many who have written on the meaning of life have said our purpose for being here is to learn and grow. Whether or not you hold that belief, learning and change is fundamental part of life for us all. Whether we are supporting others to learn and make changes or whether we are ourselves wanting to learn and make changes, we know there are times when it can be surprisingly difficult. In this inspiring workshop, you'll gain insights into why we sometimes find it hard to learn , change and follow the “good advice” we know is sensible, and find out how to make learning and change easier.

The session looks at the role of love in learning and change, what can happen when it's missing and helps you discover ways to enhance your ability to help others become more effective learners and to become a more effective learner yourself . You'll also discover ways of understanding and developing love and trust to enhance learning, motivation, and to make permanent positive changes both within yourself and in people you help.

About Donald Lush:
Donald Lush has been teaching, tutoring, advising and guiding adults since 1992. He runs stress management training, trains teachers internationally, is a guest lecturer for international medical students and a careers adviser for the University of London. He has a passion for learning and a special interest in bringing love into learning environments of all kinds. Karen has been practising Biodanza since 2005. She trained to teach Biodanza in London and at the Dorset School of Biodanza, and has found it to be one of the most powerful ways of facilitating change. She brings a powerful transformational approach and her own unique style to her Biodanza teaching. She has also appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea teaching Biodanza to a group of enthusiastic students.

All you need is love with Biodanza
Biodanza is a powerful body-based coaching and personal development system that draws from dance, movement, complementary therapy, and moving meditation, and uses heart- opening music to provide a nurturing environment that promotes both physical and emotional healing and personal transformation. There are no steps to learn, so it is ideal for participants who want to benefit from dance, and believe “they can’t dance”, as well as those who can and are looking for something more.

Biodanza is where dance meets personal development. It uses a series of exercises which are uplifting, energising or relaxing, and in sequence take participants away from their thinking minds (and any disempowering self talk that resides there) and into experiences of fun,
pleasure and bliss, and other positive states that facilitate sustained well-being and positive change.

Of all the benefits that Biodanza offers, there is none so profound and important as providing a doorway to love. When we love and are loved in return everything is possible, and Biodanza helps us find the key.

About Karen Skehel:
Karen has been offering transformational holistic coaching both within organisations and for private clients since 2001. She has led personal development workshops in relationships, coaching and in "emotional intelligence".

She has coached in front of 1.5 million people on ITV's most popular day time programme, and has also appeared on ITV2. She wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach contributing a page addressing readers' life challenges every month.

Biodanza is one of her greatest passions. She was invited to contribute a chapter to "A Coaches Story" published by Bookshaker in 2011. In it she says: "This dance and movement-based process is very powerful for facilitating nurturing, healing and love. In fact it is so powerful that I cannot NOT offer it to the world!”

In May 2011, she appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea teaching Biodanza to a group of enthusiastic students.

You can find out more about her coaching work at and her coaching supervision work at She is also the founder of

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