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"It's not what happens that matters, it's how you feel". 
Karen Skehel, in Time Out

Exciting workshops at The Festival of Insight & Enlightenment

Here is a flavour of the exciting workshops on offer and the "Networking, Connecting and Dilemma-Solving" Session

Discover how your future self can help you in your current life

If you could see the future, what would you want to know? Leading pioneer of Future Life Progression (FLP), Anne Jirsch will help us look into the future..

Anne will uncover the secrets to using FLP to help you get the edge at work and in your personal life, enabling you to discover where the greatest opportunities lie for you. You'll -

  • Gain insight into where you will be in five years’ time.
  • Find out which paths will be dead ends.
  • Find your best possible options and how to realise them.
  • Gain "hindsight" from your future self.

You’ll also learn how Anne discovered this extraordinary technique, and how Anne and her team have predicted many major world events

Join us for a glimpse into the future

About Anne Jirsch:

Anne is a psychic, a Tarot Consultant, Metaphysical Teacher, Past Life Regressionist and Future Life Progressionist. Anne pioneered the revolutionary Etheric Energy Technique (which she teaches in her workshops and has had three books published. Anne’s client base is worldwide and includes heads of industry, politicians, and celebrities from the world of film, media, show business and sport.

Heal Your Mind: Heal Your Life

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we are as the creator created us, meaning that we are perfect, innocent and loveable exactly as we are. Yet, through our childhood experiences, we have often been brought up to believe in our faults, our defects and our problems. These wrongly held beliefs we have about ourselves can have a profound and very damaging effect on our lives.

Part of our healing as we grow is to release these misperceptions and beliefs and allow our true reality to shine forth.

In this workshop, Sarah will discuss principles from A Course in Miracles including:

  • How to set yourself free from these incorrect beliefs about yourself
  • How to change your inner reality and so change your outer reality
  • The power of forgiveness to heal your mind
  • How to transcend your emotions
  • The importance of having a loving relationship with yourself

The workshop will include a guided meditation to release a powerful block to your awareness of your perfection

About Sarah Alexander: Sarah Alexander is a coach and a mentor, guiding people worldwide through her intuitive insights to align their personal and professional lives with their Spiritual Intelligence. She works with clients privately and in the business setting, and is a regular public speaker and workshop presenter. Sarah bases all of her coaching, workshops and her book on the principles of A Course in Miracles which she has found invaluable in helping people fulfill their potential and create change in their own lives

Her book is Spiritual Intelligence in Business: The Eight Pillars of 21st Century Business Success.

Using the spiritual power of Biodanza to heal and enhance your life (this session is inspired by Deepak Chopra's Seven Spiritual Laws of Success)

Biodanza is a powerful body-based coaching and spiritual development system that draws from dance, movement, complementary therapy, and moving meditation, and uses heart- opening music to provide a nurturing environment that promotes both physical and emotional healing and personal transformation. There are no steps to learn, so it is ideal for participants who want to benefit from dance, and believe “they can’t dance”, as well as those who can and are looking for something more.

Biodanza is where dance meets personal transformation. It uses a series of exercises which are uplifting, energising or relaxing, and in sequence take participants away from their thinking minds (and any disempowering self talk that resides there) and into experiences of fun, pleasure and bliss, and other positive states that facilitate sustained well-being and positive change.

Of all the benefits that Biodanza offers, one of the simplest and most profound is the "feel good" factor. When we "feel good" everything is possible, and Biodanza helps us find the key.

In this session, we will be tapping into the spiritual dimensions of Biodanza and working with some of the spiritual laws of success (as inspired by Deepak Chopra). During this session, we will naturally let go of disempowering judgements, give what we seek, ask for what we desire, as well as creating, harmony, joy, love and effortlessness flowing through our lives.

About Karen Skehel:

Karen has been offering transformational holistic coaching both within organisations and for private clients since 2001. She has led personal development workshops in relationships, coaching and in "emotional intelligence".

She has coached in front of 1.5 million people on ITV's most popular day time programme, and has also appeared on ITV2. She wrote for Natural Health Magazine as The Soul Doctor and The Life Coach contributing a page addressing readers' life challenges every month.

Biodanza is one of her greatest passions. She was invited to contribute a chapter to "A Coaches Story" published by Bookshaker in 2011. In it she says: "This dance and movement-based process is very powerful for facilitating nurturing, healing and love. In fact it is so powerful that I cannot NOT offer it to the world!”

In May 2011, she appeared on the BBC’s equivalent in South Korea teaching Biodanza in a documentary on dance as therapy.

She brings a strong spiritual dimension to her teaching of Biodanza.

You can find out more about her coaching work at and her coaching supervision work at She is also the founder of

Theta Healing, you can instantly heal

In this interactive seminar you will be guided through the Theta Healing® meditation and discover how to instantly and effortlessly access this Divine Energy/Source/Creator. Learn how to create positive feelings, practice changing belief systems and gain a method of instantly meditating.

Discover how to easily release fears and increase your intuitive abilities. Accessing and trusting your intuition helps you in all areas of your life, including love and relationships, career, finances, spirituality, health and wellbeing. Anyone can do this, as everyone has natural intuition and instinct. Theta Healing is becoming the leading healing modality in the world today. This workshop is 75% interactive

About Alexandra Brown

Alexandra P. Brown has helped close to 14,000 people with intuitive readings, coaching, Theta healing & manifesting. She is the UK's leading Advanced Theta Healing® Practitioner and Teacher and has worked with clients across the globe in 25 countries. She has created and illustrated the Attraction Tarot™ deck and written a book on tarot as it relates to healing, the law of attraction and psychic work. With a rapidly growing following online through facebook, and her Attraction Tarot being shown on TV. Alexandra also has a regular slot on The Women’s Information Network International radio show.

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